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Rent your home for Summer for Maximum Return

Take away the stress and let us manage it all for you.

Where to Begin?

If you are interested renting your home for summer, now is the perfect time to start.  As most of us are house bound due to Covid-19, now is the perfect time to tackle the ’13 Easy ways to prepare your home for summer rental’.  Start with actionable things to you can do now. Our team of experts can assist if any of these 13 tasks is too overwhelming.

13 Easy Ways to Prepare your Home for Summer Rental

1. Declutter

Go through every cupboard and sort out things that you want to keep, and are useful, and those that aren’t. Be ruthless. It can be overwhelming in the beginning but tackle one cupboard at a time, one room per week. Start in an easy room like the kitchen where there’s not as much emotional attachment to items. When you finish a room, you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. If you need assistance, reach out, we have a great team that can help you.

2. Clean

Whilst the cupboards are empty, give it a thorough wipe clean. Saves you going back to do it later. 

3. Style

In order to receive maximum return for your holiday rental, your property needs to be gorgeously presented and stylish. Our team of property stylists can guide you if you are out of your depth.

4. The Garden

Prune, weed, trim, hedge, mow, mulch, clean out the gutters, get rid of cobwebs etc. If the task is too daunting, tackle the manageable things and book a landscape gardner for when restrictions ease. We can recommend a few great gardeners/landscapers if you would like a referral.

5. Finish Incomplete Projects

Last little bit of painting? Skirting boards need to be put on? Retaining wall needs to be finished? Completing these odd jobs really makes your home shine.

6. Update Home Insurance

Check your current policy as your standard house insurance may not cover short term rentals.

7. Local Council Registration

Local council registration and Displayable Code of Conduct, letters to neighbours etc. Local council laws have changed to protect the community (yay) so you need to register with the Shire.  

We take care of all this for you if you engage Luxury Peninsula Escapes

8. Compile Welcome Booklet

Your guests won’t know how the appliances in your home works, so a welcome booklet is an easy place to store all handy information. Write notes on how to use the TV, stereo, dishwasher, microwave, BBQ, washing machine, air conditioning, and other necessary information including bin night, and the all important Wi-Fi password. Adding menus from local restaurants, and local reccomendations is lovely too. We add the council ‘displayable code of Conduct’  and ‘Mornington Peninsula things to do’ pages to complete your welcome booklet. 

9. Online Shopping

How many guests will stay in your house? For example, if you have a five bedroom home that sleeps 10, you must have enough cutlery, crockery, glasses etc – 10 of everything. Is your home suitable for families and kid friendly? You also need to supply plasticware for small kids. Games too if you like. If you don’t have all that is required, now is a great time to do some online shopping. 

10. Linen or a Linen Service?

If we are promoting your luxurious home, high quality bedding is a must. It can be an expensive outlay initially as each bedroom needs two sets of sheets and doona covers etc. OR you can use a linen service. Local linen services provide all high hotel quality bed linen and doona covers and can make the beds too. We suggest using a linen service for the for all sheets, doona covers and towels etc. as it takes the stress out of worrying about laundering, and having enough. The linen service also washes at high temperatures ensuring Covid safe practices. 

11. Personal Effects

When renting your home, you need to remove all photos of you and your loved ones. Store all loved treasures and replace with alternatives. Please also consider clothing and pantry items. Can you add locks to sections of wardrobes, a cupboard in the kitchen, or simply remove all clothes and most pantry items and store elsewhere? Can you lock a study or smaller room, to store all personal effects? Perhaps you require a carpenter or builder to assist with retrofitting locks? Again, we can assist with recommendations if required.

12. Security

To ensure your property is safe and secure for both you and your guests, there are many options to explore including keys, keyless entry, swipe cards, gate and garage remote controls etc.

13. Cleaner

Funnily (or not), one of the biggest challenges for holiday renters and property managers is finding great, reliable and punctual cleaners. If you have one you love, keep them!! We add a mandatory cleaning fee into the rental price the guest pays for. A deep clean of the property before peak season begins is a must. Vacuuming in, under and around couches and beds, dusting all blinds, window sills, behind doors, cleaning door tracks, ovens, toasters, microwaves, everything cupboard inside and out must be throughly cleaned from top to bottom, ensuring your home is showroom ready for guests.

Now for the Hard Part. We Make it Easy

Renting your home can be very stressful, especially if you want to do it yourself on airbnb. How do you find suitable guests, what about contracts, bond, terms and conditions, price? What if there’s a problem? You can’t go away unless you have someone reliable to look after it all for you. That’s where we come in.

13 Easy ways to prepare your home for summer rental

Luxury Peninsula Escapes

We specialise in matching families looking for luxurious accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula with resort style luxury homes like yours. We also take care of 

all logistics including council licences, rental contracts, terms and conditions and bond. 

Why Choose Us?

We have a thorough selection process and screen every potential enquiry to ensure the right clients will stay at your property. If your property is a family home, we market to families and only accept families, (if this is your preference) no bucks parties or engagement parties etc.

Our Personal Approach Sets Us Apart.

As property managers, not rental agents, we personally welcome all guests on arrival (with a bottle of bubbly). We walk them through the property, answer any questions they may have, explain the welcome booklet, and advise of our other services (butler service, personal chef, child minding, massage etc) We want your guests to have an amazing time and this starts with fabulous personal service.

If you use Airbnb or a rental agent, you need to have systems in place if you want to go away. If something breaks, or guests have trouble using an item, somebody local may need to pop over and assist. At Luxury Peninsula Escapes, we have a team of professionals from pool cleaners and gardeners, to emergency plumbers and a linen service so you can relax and go on your own holiday whilst we take care of everything.

Laser Focused Digital Marketing Strategy

Our team specialises in social media and modern digital marketing methods to promote and advertise your home. Our laser focused approach targets your perfect clientele to find a great match for owners and guests alike.


To chat with us, or to book a zoom call, please get in touch to discuss 13 Easy Ways to Prepare your Home for Summer Rental.