Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions set out the contact between the owner of the Property, and you, the guest.


  • Method of payment – Visacard, MasterCard or EFT.
  • Deposit is payable at the time of submitting your booking application.
  • The balance owing for bookings (including Security Bond) must be paid at least 30 days prior to the start date of the booking.



  • As the Property is unique, and is only let as a limited term holiday rental, any cancellation of your booking or no show will result in a loss of your deposit unless the Property is able to be re-let for the same period of time, and at the same.


  • The guest agrees to pay the Security Bond.
  • The Security Bond will be held for the duration of the guest’s stay.
  • The cost of extra cleaning or repairs of any damage to the Property which is caused by the guest, a member of their group or an invitee is recoverable and will be deducted from the Security Bond.
  • The Security bond can be paid in the following ways:

(a)   EFT refundable upon inspection of the Property by the owner or his authorised agent.

(b) Credit card. The guest authorises the owner to charge the security bond and or any other charges applicable.

  • Damage or breakages to the Property, or any part thereof including any of the furniture, fixtures or fittings therein, must be reported to our office immediately, if the guest or a member of their group is responsible for the damage or breakage, the cost of repair or replacement will be deducted from the guest’s Security Bond.
  • Where the cost of extra cleaning or repair of any damage to the Property is in excess of the Security Bond, the guest agrees to pay such additional amount within 7 days of demand or to have this sum deducted from their credit card.


  • The use of the Property must at all times comply with these terms and conditions and the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council’s Short Stay Accommodation Local Law and Code of Conduct.
  • The use of the Property is not to impact on the peace expected to be enjoyed by surrounding residents.
  • All accommodation at the Property is for residential purposes only. You are granted limited permission to occupy the Property for holiday purposes only. This is not a residential tenancy agreement under the residential tenancy legislation.
  • The Property is not for hire for weddings, parties, functions or celebrations of any kind. Please respect the Property and neighboring homes.
  • Functions and parties at the Property are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Noise must be kept at a respectable level at all times. Music must be turned down or sliding doors closed after 8.30pm. Garage doors must be kept closed after dark. Outdoor areas including swimming pools, spas, outdoor decking and balconies are not to be used between 11.00pm and 7.00am.
  • The guest’s and the members of their group and invitees must not engage in unacceptable behavior. Unacceptable behavior includes loud (a) aggressive behavior; (b) yelling, screaming or arguing; and (c) cheering, clapping and singing.
  • In the event of a complaint from neighbours, or the police attending the Property, we reserve the right to terminate your tenancy immediately and the guest will forfeit all monies paid including the Security Bond.
  • No tents, caravans, campervans or similar facilities are allowed to be erected or parked at or on the Property.
  • The number of people at the Property must not exceed the number agreed with the owner.
  • If at any time the number of people at the Property exceeds the number agreed, your occupancy may be immediately terminated, and your rental fee and security deposit forfeited.
  • Under no circumstance should any furniture be moved or relocated.
  • Do not flush foreign objects into the toilet system and guests will be liable for any damage as a result of this.
  • For After Hours Emergency Calls, please ring 0414 672 970
  • Any complaints or disputes should be raised with the owners’ agent as soon as possible.


  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing, pets are not permitted at the Property.
  • There is no smoking permitted inside the Property at any time.
  • Cigarette butts must not be disposed of in garden beds. The cost of cleaning up cigarette butts and mess or damage left by pets will be deducted from the Security Bond.


  • Please leave the Property as you found it upon your arrival i.e neat and tidy. 
  • Please wash and dry all dishes and empty the dishwasher.
  • Please clean the stove/grill/BBQ (if used).
  • All rubbish is to be disposed of in the correct compartment of the council bins provided.
  • If any pieces of furniture, other than those not allowed to be moved as stated above, are moved, they should be returned to their original position. All items of glassware, crockery and cutlery are to be returned to where it was found.
  • The rubbish and recycling bins must be placed on the edge of road on Wednesday evening in Mt Martha, Thursday evening Mt Eliza and Sunday evenings Blairgowrie..
  • If the Property requires substantially more cleaning than normal as a result of the tenancy, the cost of the extra cleaning will be deducted directly from the Security Bond.


  • In the event of renovation/building work being carried out in or near the Property, such work is beyond our control and the owner cannot accept responsibility for any disturbance, noise or inconvenience the guest may suffer as a result. No discount will be negotiated for any of the above.


  • At 3pm on your arrival date, we will welcome you to the property and show you around. When you check in, you may be asked to provide photographic identification.
  • You must provide a credit card authorisation or imprint for your booking at or prior to checking in. This authorisation may be used to cover incidental items including but not limited to security bond or deposit for any breakages or damage incurred during your stay, cleaning charges in excess of the normal level of cleaning or the cost of replacing lost keys or remotes.
  • Guests are requested to vacate by 10 am on the day of departure unless a late extension has been agreed by the owner.
  • Please remove all of your food from the fridge and pantry, and take all excess rubbish and recycling home with you.


  • The Property owner has appointed Luxury Peninsula Escapes as its agent to manage your stay. Representatives of Luxury Peninsula Escapes may attend the Property during your stay.

By Making a booking you will be deemed to have read and agree with the above Terms and Conditions and that you acknowledge that any infringement for these Terms and Conditions may result in a penalty including cancellation of tenancy and/or the loss of part of all of the security bond.

The Person signing the booking form must stay at the property during the stay.

The person signing this booking form will be help responsible for the conduct of all guests and for the condition of the property, its contents and surroundings.

Guest Name:  
Signature   Date:
Please remember the house you have chosen means a great deal to the owners.

Please treat it with the same respect you would wish for your own Property and respect the neighbours at all times.

We thank you for choosing us for your holiday, and we wish you a very happy stay on the Mornington Peninsula
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